Protection against a fire outbreak

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Fire Protection Service

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Be it in a domestic residence or a commercial enterprise, the outbreak of fire strikes fear into the heart of a homeowner or businessman. Care can be taken but any time there is an open flame, gas or electricity, with the right set of conditions it is possible for a fire to be started. No-one can assume that they will never find themselves facing a fire – sometimes it’s simply a faulty wire, a frayed cord or even an act of nature such as a lightning strike. When it becomes clear that a fire can happen at any time, the only real peace of mind is in knowing that the correct equipment is in place through a certified fire system installation company in NJ.

The first line of defense against fire is a properly maintained and inspected fire extinguisher or fire sprinkler system. What part of the US a person lives in will determine how many fire extinguishers are required by code. Codes are constantly updated and cover every eventuality from a fire suppression system for a windowless basement to a bed and breakfast’s obligations, to schools and the fire drills required.

High risk areas

More fires start in kitchens in residential homes than any other area of the house. Whether a homeowner is using gas or electricity, providing heat always comes with dangers. If a pot overheats or grease splatters, a fire can be seconds away. Leaving a kitchen while cooking is taking place and becoming distracted can be a recipe for disaster. And if the heat supply comes through gas, there is always the possibility of an explosion.

Other domestic fire hazards are overloading outlets with plugs, or even running electrical wires under rugs. Extension cords can also be overused and sometimes electricity ‘home-projects’ would make an inspector’s blood run cold.

Commercial settings

In a commercial setting the risks of fire are heightened if there are hazardous materials or chemicals on the premises. It is for this reason that a professional fire installation company needs to be employed to conduct a full inspection and design an appropriate fire protection system. Once installed, the New Jersey code (as with every other state) will also stipulate the on-going inspection and maintenance required. Trained engineers who understand the risks and the importance of fire protection will ensure that early detection and response to an outbreak of fire will minimize the damage done to premises and should also allow for the minimum of commercial downtime.

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