Protecting Your Home from Hurricane Damage with Hurricane Tarps

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you live in a state which experiences a lot of hurricanes, it is vitally important that you cover your roof with hurricane tarps. Hurricane tarps are made from thick, durable material designed to stop wind and rain from penetrating the sheet. This also helps to stop the roof tiles from becoming loosened in high rain and winds. By having a hurricane tarp over your roof, you can also help to cut down on the cost experienced after the hurricane is over. You won’t experience half as much damage, and a simple tarp can go a long way in protecting both your home and the homes around you.

Other Uses for Hurricane Tarps

Many people even use hurricane tarp sheets to protect belongings inside their home, as well as outside. The tarps are very functional and great for covering precious belongings. Many people use hurricane tarps for their outdoor areas as well. If you have a lot of timber or stray lumber in your yard then a hurricane could easily blow these around, causing damage to both your home and your neighbors. By securing these down with tarp, you can keep them safe and dry without worry.

Purchasing Your Tarp

When purchasing your hurricane tarps, there are a few things that you should know. When you purchase your tarp, you should make sure that it comes with brass grommets or D rings. This enables you to tie your sheet onto the side of the roof. Some tarps do not come with D rings, and the sides are merely woven with heavy duty string. These sheets are mainly for beach use and light applications, so they would not be suitable in the event of a hurricane. Hurricane tarp and covers usually comes in blue, to make it easily identifiable to the customer. To secure your tarp fully, you should make sure that each ring is secured with a heavy duty clip or hook, ensuring that the tarp is fully stretched and tight with no creases or loose ends. Most tarp comes in sizes that range from 10 x 18 ft. to 30 x 60 ft.

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