Pros and Cons Boarding Your Pet at a Animal Hospital in Queens NY

by | May 7, 2013 | Healthcare

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Going out of town can be a major headache when you have to leave your beloved pet behind. You know that taking them with you isn’t really good for them but you hate to see their sad little faces as the boarding kennel worker leads them away. Regardless of where you leave them at a private kennel or at an animal hospital in Queens NY location you want to be assured that they will be well taken care of and happy while you are gone. Here are some pros and cons to think about when making that tough decision on whether to take your pet with you or leave him at an Animal hospital Queens NY location while you are gone.

Traveling can be hard on a pet, especially if your pet is older. It is best to avoid long tiring car rides and often animals either aren’t allowed in hotels, or don’t feel comfortable when they are there. Pets will receive more care and attention and have a health professional to monitor them in case problems occur when staying at an animal hospital location. You can also be assured that your pet will be kept in a kennel that is escape proof, so it is impossible for your pet to run away from the facility.


There are some cons to a boarding kennel of course. Many animals, like many people, don’t react well to strange surroundings. Your pet will also be in close proximity to other animals, which can expose them to health problems that other pets have. If you have a pet other than a dog or cat it may be hard to find a kennel that will take them, many kennels aren’t prepared to deal with exotic animals, or animals that are not considered domestic pets. There is also the stress of the ride to the boarding kennel, if your animal doesn’t like to ride in the car.

The pros of using a good boarding kennel if you have to be away from your beloved pet, seem to outweigh the cons. The choice is yours; just make sure to research any kennel you consider carefully.

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