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Posted by on Jul 12, 2019 in Mold Services |

Professional Mold Inspection in Alexandria VA is the Key to Healthy Homes

Professional Mold Inspection in Alexandria VA is the Key to Healthy Homes

A little mold growth on bathroom tiles may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually signal bigger problems. The fungus can send spores into A/C systems, where they spread into your home. Fortunately, companies like Property Restoration Services can find all fungi during a routine mold inspection in Alexandria VA. They will also help make a new home more livable and provide emergency services after disasters.

Mold Can Be a Hidden Danger

Most people recognize that “earthy” smell that signals mold growth in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Sometimes it is caused by normal humidity and is easily cleaned up using over-the-counter products. However, a persistent odor might be caused by leaky plumbing, a cracked foundation, or other problems. Damp, warm places can become breeding grounds for mold, which may spread to wood, paint, furniture, and more. Eventually, it could irritate or cause breathing problems. As a result, specialists will comb your house for every sign of fungi during a Mold Inspection in Alexandria VA. They can remove growths and repair the problems causing them

Experts Can Find Mold Before You Move In

An older home can be a bargain for house hunters, but it might also be a breeding ground for dangerous mold. Some empty structures show obvious signs of fungi, while others just seem a little damp. As a result, new owners often arrange for restoration experts to inspect houses and locate mold and its causes. Professionals provide a report of damages and will eliminate the problems. Cleaning crews ensure that indoor air is clean and safe before new owners move in.

Restoration Companies Offer Emergency Help After Disasters

Disaster cleanup specialists are often restoration experts who provide round-the-clock help. They arrive quickly at any hour and begin to contain problems after floods, fires, and more. Crews take steps to minimize damage, protect homeowners, and remove excess water. They dry property and then professionally clean homes. Since mold can begin to contaminate houses within 24 hours after water damage, they provide mold inspection, treatment, and removal. Technicians offer complete restoration services and bill disaster repair and cleanup to insurance.

Restoration professionals are also mold removal specialists. They offer expert mold inspections designed to find and remove fungus from homes. Their teams also offer 24/7 disaster response. They contain problems, clean homes, remove mold, and restore the property. Click here for more information.