Professional Maintenance and Repair for In-Ground Pools in Suffolk County, NY

by | May 19, 2014 | Swimming, Swimming Pools and Spas

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The only way to really enjoy your pool is with proper maintenance. When a pool is properly maintained it stays beautiful, clean and running right. There is a lot of work to keeping a pool in top shape and if you have found this to be more of a hassle than you can or want to handle, help is available.

It is possible to have superb care for any in-ground or above ground pool without paying a fortune for it. The service offered by include regular maintenance plans, afford repair services and seasonal openings and closings.

Their maintenance plans for the In Ground Pools Suffolk County NY homes have include:

1. Chemical maintenance visits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

2. Vacuuming and skimming

3. Brushing walls and removing the scum line

4. Adjust chemicals

5. Installing equipment and accessories as needed

6. Back washing filter

7. Emptying baskets

With their regular weekly maintenance your pool will be ready for every weekend. You can enjoy time swimming and with your family, worry-free. Your pool will look perfect, with crystal-clear water and be ready for any party or gathering.

In addition to maintenance their opening and closing services for In Ground Pools Suffolk County NY homes ensure that you will be able to enjoy your investment from the beginning to the end of every swimming season.

Their opening services include installation of filters, chemicals and any equipment and accessories. Removal of pool cover and any debris is also included along with ensuring the correct water level and applying chlorine to remove and algae.

At the end of the season they will install chemicals to inhibit algae growth, remove and disconnect items as needed and install the cover securely.

At Sky Blue Pools, pools are well maintained are more efficient, less expensive to operate and experience less frequent costly breakdowns. With regular inspections and cleanings you can easily save enough money to practically pay for the service itself.

If you are ready to enjoy your pool, rather than only seeing it as another chore to be done each weekend, give them a call. Maintenance schedules can be set up according to your personal preferences.


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