Preparing for an Initial Visit to a General Dentist in Cherry Hil,l NJ

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Dentistry

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Do you have an upcoming appointment with a new dentist? Learn how to prepare for this visit to make your time with the General Dentist in Cherry Hill NJ, more productive and less stressful. Many dental patients make the mistake of not getting ready. This can prevent the dentist from having the facts he needs to properly treat you. Do your part by checking with the office staff before the visit. Use the following steps to help you do this.

When you make an appointment with your new dentist, ask the office staff about the procedures for obtaining and delivering patient forms. These can usually be acquired by downloading them from the dental practice’s website, picking them up in person, or having them mailed to you. You can send them back by email, fax, or traditional mail. Deliver them personally to the dentist’s office when these options are not preferable. Fill out all patient forms completely and accurately. It’s appropriate to put “n/a” when a request for information does not relate to you.

Generally, patients forms include documents dealing with new patient registration, dental history, medical history, HIPAA consent, and financial policies. It’s vital to give all information relating to your dental and medical histories. A medical problem can manifest in your mouth or area surrounding your mouth. Only a qualified dentist can determine when this situation occurs. Ensure that you list all known allergens. You will also need to tell the dentist when you have allergens like peanuts, latex, or penicillin.

Your General Dentist in Cherry Hill NJ, may request your dental records before seeing you for the first time. These can usually be sent from your previous dentist at no cost. When you personally pick these records up from your previous dentist, you will probably be charged a fee based on the number of pages. You can request to have only certain parts of your records sent. When you do this, you will likely need to fill out an omission form with your previous dentist.

By making sure your new dentist has your patient forms and dental records before your initial visit, he will have information to refer to during the visit. This will also allow him to review the documents before your visit. For more information on dental services, contact the office of Dr. Rosen & Dworkin, P. A. This practice can handle general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

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