Pet Owners and Veterinarians Working Together to Ameliorate Pet Health at an Animal Medical Center in Ft. Belvoir VA

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Animal Hospital

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Pets should receive encompassing health care services from an esteemed Animal Medical Center in Ft. Belvoir VA. Pet medical services have advanced immensely throughout the years. Health evaluation labs detect health conditions that are hard to diagnose with physical exams. Pets with health issues get a diagnosis in hours so expeditious treatment plans can be implemented. Thanks to the progression of medical science, veterinarians can diagnose conditions in all major systems of the body.

Young cats should start seeing a veterinarian at 6 months of age. They need vaccinations to help build immunity from serious diseases. If animals don’t have antibodies for the diseases vaccinations are intended to defend against, health can deteriorate quickly or even be fatal. Cats get immunizations for certain respiratory diseases and viruses that pose great harm to their health. Viral rhinotracheitis is feline influenza. It’s a respiratory disease that only affects domestic and wild cats. A cat can end up with a chronic upper respiratory disease if viral rhinotracheitis is left untreated. Felines adopted from shelters should be tested for these diseases. Animals in shelters often share food and water dishes. Viruses can be passed on this way. Feline gingivitis can quickly grow into periodontal disease. When infections from periodontal disease get in a cat’s bloodstream, kidney disease can develop. Cats with a high carb diet are at greater risk for this disease. Cat pet owners ask their veterinarian how to properly care for oral health.

Canines are loyal companions. Providing medical attention for them is a dignified thing to do. A family can start looking out for their dog’s health by knowing the signs of health problems. Dogs are highly susceptible to ear infections. Bacteria, ear mites, yeast and allergies can cause infections of the ear. A dog may have an infection when there is ear odor, head tilting or shaking, intense scratching, yellow discharge, erratic back and forth eye movement and lack of balance. Dogs should be taken to an Animal Medical Center in Ft. Belvoir VA to get medication and ear cleanings to cure ear infections. Heartworm parasites can be lethal. Never try to treat heartworms without a veterinarian’s assistance. Veterinarians have to identify the type of heartworm before it can be treated because the pharmaceutical formula has to be specific to the species of worm. Visit to learn more. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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