Pests in the Chimney: Removing and Preventing Then With Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Chimney

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Chimneys are an open and available nesting spot for a variety of animals. Since most chimneys are inactive during the spring and summer months, they provide an obvious place for many pests to choose for raising their new litters. Even once they leave and move on, they leave behind the leaves, grass and other materials they brought in to create a comfortable space.

The variety of wildlife that can inhabit a residential chimney is quite large. It includes raccoons, squirrels, and birds of many kinds. Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn NY, will help to remove the bedding materials, but the animals themselves will need to be removed first.

If you suspect animals may be nesting in your chimney, call a service for Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn NY, before lighting any fires. They can inspect the chimney and perform a cleaning if no pests are present. If there are animals still residing inside, you will need a pest removal service to help eliminate them before the furnace or fireplace can be started.

Once cleaned, prevention is the next step. Since animals will often return to areas which they feel are safe, it is important to deter them. Chimney caps are considered a safe and easy way to keep wildlife out, and they are also valuable for helping to protect the chimney crown from cracking due to the constant exposure to rain and snow. Caps should be inspected annually during your regular cleaning and replaced or repaired as needed.

It can also help to keep animals away from chimneys by making certain the yard itself is not appealing to wildlife. Keep garbage contained in closed garbage cans, do not feed household pests outside, fence in any vegetable gardens, and avoid leaving anything in the yard which would provide a good nesting or hiding area.

Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn NY, homes should be considered a regular maintenance service your home will need at least every other year. US Chimney Brooklyn, NY can help you to create a schedule for your cleaning, and provide you with any information or tips about keeping your home and chimney safe. Contact them to schedule a cleaning or repair today. Visit website for more information.

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