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Posted by on Jun 17, 2019 in Pest Control |

Pest Control in Middletown, NJ Keeps Homes Free of Mosquitoes, Rodents and Other Pests

Pest Control in Middletown, NJ Keeps Homes Free of Mosquitoes, Rodents and Other Pests

Homeowners can hire a pest control company to proactively minimize the presence of pests on their property throughout the year. The company experts know what pests will appear with each season. They will use specialized insecticides and pesticides to prevent infestations before they occur. Sometimes, a sudden infestation of termites or bed bugs will occur, and the homeowner will have to call in experts quickly. Pest Control in Middletown NJ, can handle both of these situations. People may be nervous about having powerful chemicals applied near and inside their homes. All of the treatments used are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mosquitoes can be very irritating during the hot weather. Not only do their bites itch, mosquitoes carry a variety of serious diseases. These include West Nile fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, and malaria. People are often afraid to go out when mosquitos are most active. If they do venture out, they have to wear long sleeves and pants during the heat of the summer. They also have to slather on insect repellents. Now, they can have Pest Control in Middletown NJ, install a mosquito control system. A series of nozzles are placed at the perimeter of the property. At specified times, the nozzles automatically spray a safe insecticide. Only two to three times a day will keep the yard free of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Although mosquitoes are a nuisance when people are outside, it can be more upsetting when pests move inside. When homeowners find rodent droppings in cupboards, it can make them lose their appetites. Cleaning up the droppings or setting traps doesn’t stop the problem from recurring. Professional exterminators will stop the infestation at its source. They know the areas they work in well and have the experience to find the rodent nests. They will clean these out and then learn how the rodents are entering the home. All of the access points will be closed up. Because rodent droppings carry so many diseases, they will also sterilize all of the areas inside of the house that the animals have been using.

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