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Posted by on Jul 25, 2018 in Pest Control |

Performing Effective Ant Control in Pasadena

Performing Effective Ant Control in Pasadena

If a home becomes overrun with ants during warmer months of the year, taking steps to conduct Ant Control in Pasadena can help. There are several tasks that will make it difficult for ants to survive and remain comfortable inside of a home, making them flee for other areas. Here are some tips to try if ants are a known problem.

Tend To Cracks To Keep Ants Outside

Eliminating any entryways to the home that ants will use will reduce their numbers inside of the structure. Take the time to inspect the siding for any cracks and fill them in with a sealant to provide a barrier against ant invasions. Use caulk around windows and doors to keep ants from sliding through gaps to the inside as well. Perform these processes on a regular basis and make repairs to any damage promptly to help keep pests from using these areas as ways to the inside.

Take Away Attractions From The Home

Ants will stay in areas where they can find a readily available food and water source. Eliminating these will make ants leave the premises in search for something to eat and drink. Tend to any plumbing troubles so dripping water is not a concern. Do cleaning on a daily basis to remove any crumbs from food preparation areas as well as on floors. If gutters are not working properly, make sure to replace them as water pooling around the perimeter of the home after precipitation falls attract ants and other pests.

Add Some Deterrents Around The Home

Ants tend to favor grassy or dirt surfaces when walking. Consider adding a layer of crushed gravel around the perimeter of the home to help keep ants from crawling upon the structure itself. Chalky substances are also deemed as unfavorable to ants. Sprinkle some talc along window sills and on the floor where doorways are present to keep ants on the outside of the building.

When there is a need for Ant Control in Pasadena, calling a pest control service is the best way to stop an insect problem quickly. Check out today to find out more about services provided and to get contact information.

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