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Posted by on Apr 4, 2022 in Beauty |

Perfect Your Brows and Eyelashes at a Beauty Salon in Woodbridge

Perfect Your Brows and Eyelashes at a Beauty Salon in Woodbridge

Do you waste time in the morning applying layers of mascara? Do you have to fill in your eyebrows every day and pluck those pesky chin hairs? A beauty salon in Woodbridge offers brow tinting, brow lamination, eyelash extensions, eyelash fills, and waxing services to make your daily routine easier.

Brow Lamination

Typically, a brow lamination takes an hour. A professional, such as those at LVSH Beauty Bar, offers this service to help change your brow hair. If you have extremely curly brow hair, you may constantly try and pat the stray hairs down so they are less noticeable. Ultimately, brow lamination is a perm for your eyebrows. It will change the brow hair to help create a fluffier brow effect and redirect the hair pattern. It will make your brows appear fuller and last between six to eight weeks.

Eyelash Extensions and Fills

Eyelashes help to enhance the color of your eyes. When you are looking through your friends’ photos or magazine pictures, you may wonder how they get their eyelashes so thick and lifted. Eyelash extensions and fills will thicken and lengthen your eyebrows. You may think it is less expensive to buy glue or press on eyelashes at the store. However, a professional at a beauty salon in Woodbridge will tell you how professionally done eyelashes last longer.

During highly strenuous activities, professional eyelash extensions and fills are more likely to stay intact. It could be extremely embarrassing for your eyelashes to fall off in front of a friend, family member, or stranger. You can mitigate the chances of this embarrassment by making an eyelash fill appointment with a beauty salon in Woodbridge.

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