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Posted by on Feb 8, 2019 in Automotive |

Passenger Car Tire Options for Various Needs in Oklahoma City

Passenger Car Tire Options for Various Needs in Oklahoma City

Selecting the right tires for your passenger car is a vital safety decision you will encounter when it is time for a tire change. It is important to understand this type and size of tires you need for your vehicle. In addition, the conditions in which her vehicle will most likely drive for the majority of your time on the road may dictate the type of tire you choose. There are various designs, styles, and performance capabilities when it comes to vehicle tires. These must be considered when you’re looking to purchase a passenger car tire. Oklahoma City is served by tire shops that can offer you a bountiful selection from which to choose.

All Season Tires

All season tires are the standard used by the majority of drivers on the road. These tires can be driven all throughout the year, including in summer and winter. They can handle dry, wet, and snowy road conditions. You will find tires and various tread depths and designs. They are the practical choice in terms of cost and performance.

Summer Tires

If you’re looking for something special in the hot summer weather in terms of tires, you may want to consider summer tires. This type of passenger car tire is designed for this specific time of the year. They are not designed to handle road conditions when the weather is cold and freezing however. In fact, if you drive on these tires in wintry conditions, you are placing yourself and others in danger.

High Performance Tires

For those looking for considerable speed capabilities and high-performance, high-performance tires deliver. With these tires you can gain significantly improved handling capabilities and maximize road grip. They offer a lower tread life than seasonal and other tires. As well, they are more expensive than the standard passenger car tire.

Winter Tires

During serious winter conditions when there is a significant amount of snow and ice covering the roadways, winter tires can get you through all of the snow, ice, and slush very effectively. These tires provide you with optimum traction in these conditions. However, they should be replaced back with seasonal or other types of tires after winter has passed.

Contact reliable tire shop serving the Oklahoma City area if you are in the market to buy new tires for your passenger vehicle.