Painting and Wood Finishing in Grand Rapids and Your New Home

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Painting

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When did you purchase your new home and what will you be changing? Many people purchase homes and then make changes. In fact, you may be thinking about changing the paint colors in the kitchen and family room. You also may be looking into wood Finishing in Grand Rapids for your kitchen cabinets. The right professionals can do the job for you. By hiring the best professionals, you will not have worry about paint streaks on the wall or uneven color. In fact, you can get the best look by hiring the professionals from Jon Degraaf Painting.


House Painting is not a chore when you let the professionals do everything for you. You will not have to worry about what brushes to use or how to deal with the ceiling and avoid drips. The professionals have the experience that will ease your mind, and you will love the end results. For this reason, you will be excited to show your friends and family your new home and the changes you made.

Are you thinking about having new doors and drawers installed or are you going to have your wood cabinetry painted in the kitchen? If you are not sure, go over both options with the consultant. If your doors are not ornate enough for your liking, it is smart to go with new doors and drawers. However, if you do like the style, you may only want to update the look with paint or a stain and new pulls. By discussing your design ideas and wood Finishing in Grand Rapids, with the consultant, you will learn how long the process will take.

After the wood Finishing in Grand Rapids has been completed, you will love it. In fact, you should show it off to your friend and family by taking several pictures. Next, you can post them on your social networking site and tell everyone who you hired to do the work for you. They will be amazed by your style and the expert craftsmanship. Talk to the consultant today and tell him what you want to see changed in your kitchen. He will be happy to listen to all of your ideas.

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