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by | Aug 30, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Gutters that are properly installed, and that are in good repair will serve to protect the homeowner’s investment. There are several events that properly installed gutters will prevent, and one of the important events is to keep water from backing up under the shingles. Of course, the shingles should be securely fastened to the underlayment, but the glue may wear out and leave gaps where the wind can blow water under the shingles. This will cause wood rot to begin on the underlayment eventually leading to water leaking in the house. Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements can help by cleaning the gutters on a regular maintenance basis. Shop Gutters will help select and install replacement gutters.

In the winter, poor gutter drainage will cause ice dams where the water backs up under the shingles and freezes. This is also a disturbing consequence of inadequate gutter installation or wear.

Gutters often fill with leaves and other debris that will keep the gutter from allowing the water to empty properly. When this happens, the water will overflow onto the flower beds and possibly cause them to suffer water rot.

However, a more likely consequence is that over time this water will wash away the dirt under the slab foundation. A basement is also at risk. The water can enter the basement from a number of places in the walls if the property is not graded properly. This condition will require significant rework of the basement walls including excavation of the dirt surrounding the walls. The water may be entering at the basement wall foundation, and this requires another significant amount of work. Water can come into the home and actually act like a waterfall.

Any way that water gets into the home will leave black mold if the water is not cleaned up quickly. However, it is not likely that the homeowner will notice a small amount of water running behind the drywall or settling on the ceiling. It is more unlikely that all of the water in the basement can be cleaned up before black mold begins to grow. Black mold is a serious health hazard.

These problems can be prevented by a gutter checkup and cleaning.

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