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Posted by on Mar 13, 2018 in Industrial Supplies |

Options In Lead Anodes

Options In Lead Anodes

In the plating industry, lead anodes are used almost exclusively. There are several very good reasons for this choice of anode, but the two most important factors in most applications are the resistance to corrosion combined with the ability to conduct electricity.

For most applications, the lead will be alloyed with a variety of other metals. The three most commonly found in lead anodes are tin, antimony, and silver. All of these alloying metals will boost the natural corrosion resistance of the lead, particularly during exposure to high levels of sulfuric acid that is used in the electroplating processes and specifically in the electrolytic solutions.

Different Designs and Options

With more specialized types of plating services, there is an increasing demand for a great selection of designs and alloys in lead anodes. These can range from very specific configurations for specialized plating equipment to a need for specific shapes that will enhance the uniformity of plating.

 * Solid Round – one of the most popular options in anodes is the solid round shape. This provides a uniform electrical current around the surface of the anode that requires less voltage for the plating process. Additionally, there can be higher levels of amperage carried uniformly along the length of the anode, allowing for more uniform heating and an overall longer life cycle for specific types of applications.

 * Round options – in addition to the solid round there are several other types of anodes that are also designed for specific types of applications. The star shape provides multiple spokes that can be customized to the application. A ripple and a solid ribbed shape can be produced by extrusion to create precise designs. Additionally, the same shapes can also be created with a hollow center.

Other options in shapes for these lead alloyed anodes include elliptical, rectangular, sawtooth and square. It is also possible to work with anode manufacturers to develop custom shapes as required.