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Posted by on Aug 9, 2019 in Gutter |

New Gutter Installation in Tacoma, WA to Replace a System With a Faulty Design

New Gutter Installation in Tacoma, WA to Replace a System With a Faulty Design

Sometimes, people move into an older home and realize the rain gutter design is a poor one. They may be able to have the design modified, but if the system is decades old, it’s probably reasonable to schedule a new Gutter Installation in Tacoma Wa. Typically, design flaws result from do-it-yourself homeowners building a rain gutter system without realizing the issues they are creating. The technicians will redesign the system so it works more effectively and doesn’t cause problems.

Upper Downspout Emptying Onto Lower Roof

A primary example of faulty design is when the downspout from an upper story empties directly onto the roof below. This may seem like a good idea in theory, but that ongoing concentration of rainwater and organic debris hitting one area of the lower roof is not good for the shingles. More granules wash off, and the process shortens the lifespan of the shingles. Shingles in that particular section will need early replacement, and leaks can eventually develop inside the home.

The Most Common System

The most common system is to have the upper-story downspouts emptying into a lower-story rain gutter. The main problem with this design is that the rainwater can easily overload the first-floor trough during a storm. The gutters are manufactured to manage a certain amount of rainfall, and running a downspout into a lower trough effectively doubles the amount. During very heavy rainfall, some water may spill over the edge.

Downspout Placement

Ideally, a second-story Gutter Installation in Tacoma Wa will include downspouts that end near the ground and have sufficient extensions to let the water exit several feet from the house. However, this design can be difficult to create in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners don’t want too many downspouts around the house or it starts to look a bit odd.

Nevertheless, a roof drainage system that currently has only two or three downspouts running to ground level could be modified by a contractor such as CR Gutters to include four downspouts spaced relatively equally apart. The spouts might be at the corners or at the midpoints of the house sides, depending on the property layout.