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Posted by on Mar 15, 2022 in Business |

New Color Recognition Technologies Increase Accuracy of Sampling Catalogs

New Color Recognition Technologies Increase Accuracy of Sampling Catalogs

Color recognition has long been a serious problem for those producing stack books. When samples from a sampling catalog go to a dye press, there’s always a good chance that they’re not going to look like the finished product. Even if they do, there’s a high probability that people are going to be looking at them under relatively poor lighting, which can cause even poorer recognition of the original color.

Newer dye technologies are allowing a fabric stack book manufacturer to produce sampling catalogs that look and feel like the finished products they’re designed to replicate. Seeing these books in person is far superior to viewing some image online, though it’s still important to display them under the right kind of light.

High-quality halogen or LED bulbs are usually superior to fluorescent lamps in this respect, which has encouraged some sales representatives to redesign their rooms. That being said, these catalogs are essentially made from the same material as the finished product, which means they’re going to look the same way they would under any lighting as long as it has a neutral color to it.

Representatives from a fabric stack book manufacturer could theoretically bring them to a consumer’s home or a business that’s planning on redoing their drapes and flooring. By comparing the swatches under artificial lighting that’s actually used in the place in question, these representatives will be more likely to get an accurate match. Furniture manufacturers and those who need to regularly share upholstery samples will find this feature quite useful as well.