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Posted by on Oct 11, 2021 in Attorney |

Needing to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney near Ottawa?

Needing to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney near Ottawa?

The workers compensation system helps those who are injured on the job. Medical bills are paid, and claimants receive a weekly check. The check is based on their average weekly wage. In addition, claimants get mileage payments for any injury-related trips. However, there has always been confusion about when injuries are compensable. Normally, injuries that occur during the course of the job are eligible. Other situations are not so clear.

Suppose someone injures themselves in the company cafeteria at lunch? The injury may be covered if it happened in the cafeteria. However, injuries are not compensable for those going to lunch at a local restaurant. If you have a questionable situation, contact a Workers Compensation Attorney Near Ottawa. They work with the insurance company to try and get injuries covered. However, the insurance company may deny the claim. In turn, the attorney files a hearing with the state. An administrative law judge hears the evidence and decides whether the injury is covered.

Receiving an injury on the way to work is not compensable. On the other hand, people who travel for the job are covered. For example, pharmaceutical representatives drive from one medical office to another. Injuries received on those trips are covered. It is not unusual for someone to be injured at a company event. For instance, a worker may get hurt during a company baseball game. Nine times out of ten, the injury will be covered.

Anyone with a per-existing condition should speak with a Workers Compensation Attorney Near Ottawa. It is easy to aggravate these injuries. However, the insurer wants proof that the new job caused the injury to reoccur. This is another example of situations that can call for a hearing. If the judge rules for the worker, the insurance company must pay. There are those who are unaware that mental conditions fall under workers compensation. Indeed, people can suffer from anxiety or depression because of something work-related. Additionally, people have won cases where the workplace itself was found to be stressful. If the insurance company is contesting your injury, look for an attorney online. Visit the Wilson Law Office, LLC website and find out how to schedule a consultation.