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Posted by Judie langford on Mar 5, 2019 in Pest Control

Moisture Control in Alexandria VA is Key to Stopping Mold Growth

Moisture Control in Alexandria VA is Key to Stopping Mold Growth

Mold is a problem that often goes unseen. It can negatively affect an individual’s health without anyone being aware of its presence. Since moisture can play a key part in the growth of mold, one way to restrict its growth is with Moisture Control in Alexandria VA. Controlling moisture, combined with treating the entire area with a MAPS application, can prevent mold from reoccurring for many years to come.


Exposure to mold often occurs without anyone knowing that it’s happening. Since xerotolerant mold can flourish in places that are moist and warm, it often grows behind the scene in walls and under flooring, as well as in obvious areas, such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and places where water damage has occurred. Reducing the amount of moisture in the environment can greatly restrict the growth of mold, however, not all mold needs a high moisture content to germinate. Xerophilic mold can grow in low moisture areas, and it can spread just as quickly as mold requiring a high moisture content.

Mold Exposure

Being exposed to mold can create a number of health problems. Allergy-like symptoms such as a nose that runs all the time accompanied by sneezing, chronic bronchitis, breathing difficulty, memory and hearing loss, and dizziness are just a few of the issues that mold can cause. If exposure to mold continues for a long time, major problem, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis may develop.

Mold Treatment

Eradicating a mold problem may require more than just bleaching items to get rid of it. A two-part system known as MAPS is a treatment option that inhibits the growth of mold on objects where an application has been applied. MAPS, which stands for Mold Abatement Polymer System, works by killing mold with a multipurpose anti-microbial cleaner and then applying a sealer to prevent it from returning. MAPS can be applied to porous and nonporous surfaces which makes it extremely effective for killing mold.

Without proper treatment and Moisture Control in Alexandria VA, a mold problem may return again and again. Treating it with an effective and long-lasting application, such as MAPS, can stop mold in its tracks and prevent it from coming back. For more information regarding mold and how to successfully eliminate it, please Click Here.