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Posted by on May 17, 2022 in Tree Service |

Methods of Removing Tree Stumps and Finding Tree Stump Removal in Newnan, GA

Methods of Removing Tree Stumps and Finding Tree Stump Removal in Newnan, GA

Tree stumps on your property can be unsightly and inconvenient. Whether the stumps have been there for a while or you had to take down some trees only recently, taking care of the stumps is a different ballgame compared to other kinds of land maintenance. Everyone wants them gone, but not all have the skills, tools, or desire to commit to the effort of extracting them from the ground. The following article will briefly review how to remove tree stumps and why you may be better off calling a tree stump removal service.

Common Methods of Tree Stump Removal

Compared to the relatively simple process of felling a tree, eliminating a stump can be surprisingly challenging. Stumps are tough and connected to many thick roots that may stretch deep into the ground. Thus, even if you cut very close to the ground, there will still be a portion above the surface, including bumpy roots. Some of the most common approaches to removing the entire structure are:

1) Cutting the stump down to ground level, then digging the rest out with a shovel

2) Digging or pulling the stump out with heavy machinery like an excavator

3) Burning the stump down to destroy it and make it easier to break up

Why Call A Tree Stump Removal Service?

Because of all the frustrations (and possible danger) involved in removing tree stumps, it is usually worth your while to call an expert to handle the problem for you. Here are some reasons why this may be your best option:

  • Experts have the right experience and knowledge to remove stumps efficiently
  • They have the kinds of equipment needed to make the job simple
  • You do not have to risk any of your time, effort, tools, equipment, or safety on the project
  • The cost is often fair, and service providers may work with you on price

Tree Stump Removal in Newnan, GA

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