Metal Panel Commercial Roofing System

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Business

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There is only one type of roofing used on a low slope roof; that is structural metal panel commercial roofing in Aurora IL. This type of roof is ideal for low slope installations due to its ability to act as a water barrier. Structural metal panel roofing is not limited to low slopes, it can also be used on high slope installations.

Structural metal panel roofing is designed in such a way that when assembled it resists the entry of any water at the seams and other joints. During assembly a sealant is applied to the seams or an anti-capillary action is used. The metal panels themselves are quite strong and rigid, this allows them to span the roof supports without the need for intermediate support.

This system of commercial roofing in Aurora IL is comprised of the decking, an underlay, vapor retarders, insulation and ventilation. The deck itself is installed over a substrate which provides solid support for the metal panels. In lieu of a full substrate the installers can use closely spaced purlins, the metal roof material spans the supports.

Directly under the deck is an underlay, this is usually felt paper. The underlay can be avoided when the purlins method is used but it is a necessity when the roof deck is installed over a complete substrate. This felt paper performs dual function; it acts as a temporary roof during construction and it provides a secondary barrier should water somehow find its way through the deck.

The felt paper that is used for metal roofing is saturated or impregnated with asphalt although non perforated, all organic material is also available. The felt is available in two standards referred to as types 1 and 2 which in the past were called types 15 and 30. These designations refer to the material weight in pounds per square foot. The commonly accepted industry standard is to employ one layer of type 2 in an overlapped fashion when the slope of the roof exceeds 18 degrees and two ply’s if the slope is less than that.

In the north of the country where the temperature can fall below freezing an ice dam is called for. An ice dam starts at the edge of the eave and continues up the slope of the roof for a minimum of 2 feet when the slope is in excess of 18 degrees and 3 feet if the slope is less than 18 degrees. The material for the ice dam is normally a self adhering polymer.

As condensation builds up on the underside of the structural metal roofs, installers of commercial roofing in Aurora IL should take into account vapor retarders, insulation and ventilation issues.

There are a number of different methods employed when building commercial roofing in Aurora IL. Showalter Roofing Service, Inc. is intimate with all the different types and are professionals at applying them. Click here for more details.

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