Make Money From Jewelry Pieces

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Jewelry

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Many people have discovered the amount of money to be made by selling their jewelry. Whether it is scrap jewelry, broken pieces, or simply old styles that they don’t wear anymore, selling your jewelry can bring in much needed money. When I decided to sell my jewelry in White Plains NY, I was pleasantly surprised at the funds that I received in return.

While many people have an emotional attachment to their jewelry, others have no problem selling it for cash. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to sell your gold or silver jewelry.

Where jewelry is a sentimental item that can have precious memories associated with it, it can also have painful and hurtful memories tied to it as well. Maybe you just finished going through a painful divorce, or breakup. Selling the jewelry associated with that memory can often be a liberating process. It also ensures that you won’t have to look at it anymore, and be reminded of those painful times.

Broken jewelry items are great to sell for extra cash. Since you can no longer use them anyway, you can sell them for money. Maybe you can purchase new jewelry pieces with the cash. What woman doesn’t have a single earring lying around? Many of us are caught in a situation where one of our earrings mysteriously disappears. This leaves us with a single earring that serves no purpose. Instead of throwing all of your single earrings away, simply cash them in. When I go to sell my jewelry in White Plains NY, I start a collection of broken and mismatched pieces to take to the gold dealer.

Many people inherit jewelry from estate sells, or inheritance after a loved one passes away. While many of these pieces hold a certain sentimental attachment, you may choose to keep them in your collection. However, if you need the extra money, selling these old items may bring in quite a bit of cash. Old jewelry pieces may be antique and outdated.

Any of these pieces can be purchased by a pawnshop, jeweler, gold dealer, or online website. When I sell my jewelry in White Plains NY, I try to find gold dealer that I can trust. Keep in mind, even if your pieces are broken, they can be melted down and reused. The scrap gold and silver pieces are often melted down into bars which can be sold or invested. Watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and even dental pieces can all be used.

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