Liquid Blending Equipment for Modern Business

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Beverages

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In many of today’s industries, liquid blending equipment is an essential component. In fact, there are three different processes to consider when it comes to mixing liquids. You may have the need to mix liquid with liquid, liquid with solids, or liquids with gases. Here is a closer look at all three methods to help you choose the right equipment for your company.

Liquid to Liquid Blending

What type of liquids do you need to mix? This will determine the best liquid blending equipment for your process. For example, you may need to use single or multiple phase blending methods.

Single Phase

Suppose you have the need to mix two or more water soluble (or easy to mix) liquids. Single phase mixing is the best choice. Because you are dealing with easy to blend materials (with low viscosity) simple paddle type liquid blending equipment should be more than ample. Remember, if you need to mix heavy liquids (like syrup) you will need more mixing power.

Multiple Phase Blending

Perhaps you have the need to mix oil based liquids with water based. This is going to require a different process than mixing liquids of similar bases. You will need high sheer liquid blending equipment. High sheer means you have a great deal of power or energy capable of breaking up the components in your liquids. This may require the use of whisk type beaters or blenders, operating at high speed.

Solids and Liquid Mixing

Many industries routinely have the need to mix liquids and solids. For example, the process of adding sugar to beverages or powdered milk to water, requires mixing solids so they can dissolve into a liquid. Some solids need to be suspended within the liquid. This is often used to increase the mass of the liquid. Special mixers with axial flow impellers work well for this job.


Some types of solids may form lumps in liquid during the mixing process and they must be removed. The lumping process is called agglomeration. Special high sheer and low power turbines are used to break up fine particles to keep them from lumping.

Liquid and Gas Mixing

Many types of beverages are carbonated these days, and it takes a special process to mix carbon dioxide with beverages to provide fizz and bubbles. There are many different methods used and some of the most efficient utilize in line carbonization methods which provide instant results and improved efficiency. To find the right liquid blending equipment for your business, talk to an experienced provider who can provide high tech solutions.

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