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Posted by on Jan 4, 2019 in Industrial Supplies |

Lifting Beams – Features and Options

Lifting Beams – Features and Options

A beam in which the load lifted mainly imposes a bending stress in the beam can be referred to as a lifting beam. The setup of the lifting beam consists of a single attachment point (or lug) positioned at the center of the top side of the beam. This attachment connects to a hoist, crane, or other lifting device. In addition, the beam also has at least two evenly spaced attachment points on the bottom side of the beam that attach to the load.

Features of Lifting Beams

It is also possible to fabricate beams that have adjustable lifting locations at variable or fixed increments. These adjustable points allowed beam to be utilized for various sized loads.

With lifting beams, items such as steel plates and thinner long sheets of metal can be lifted effectively and safely. The considerably reduced headroom necessary to perform the lift is a main benefit provided by these types of beams. These characteristics make a lifting beam highly applicable for shorter span and lighter lifts that require minimal headroom. Often these types of lists are seen in storage facilities and manufacturing shops. These beams are well-suited to lift flexible and weak loads due to their rigid and heavy-duty design.

Lifting Beam Options

Lifting beam options are available that range from standard to high capacity. The solutions you can access with these beams can enable efficient lifting of bulk containers and the stabilization of heavy loads in addition to other lifting requirements.

With an adjustable lifting beam, you can have the flexibility necessary to achieve various goals between different lifting projects. There are specific sizes and capacities available for various types of applications.

An experienced wire rope and sling company can help you make the right choices about your rigging hardware and equipment options, including lifting beams for the efficient and safe completion of your lifting application or project.

If you are ready to obtain the necessary rigging hardware and other tools and equipment you need for safe lifting, contact a reliable provider in the industry today. An experienced rigging hardware supplier can help you move your project forward successfully.