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Posted by on May 5, 2020 in Construction and Maintenance |

Let More Natural Light Into Your Laguna Beach Home With These Ideas

Let More Natural Light Into Your Laguna Beach Home With These Ideas

Being exposed to natural light brightens moods, and it may help keep you healthier. There are many unique design elements that will allow more natural light into your home. Speak to remodeling contractors in Laguna Beach about incorporating these ideas into your next home makeover.

Decide which walls of your home must stay and eliminate as many of the rest as you can. An open floor plan allows natural light to filter throughout your home.

Using glass doors is a terrific way to let in natural light. Think about your landscaping so that you have a beautiful area to see when you lookout. While you are at it, make all doors and hallways in your home as wide as possible as the light will filter through better. If you have tall ceilings, then consider using transoms above your doors to let in even more light.

Of course, the more windows you have, the more light will enter your home. This is particularly true of windows on the north and west side of your home as the sunsets while you are home to enjoy the light. Keeping your windows clean is an essential part of letting light into your home. You should also prune any trees and shrubs that block light from entering.

There is no need to reserve natural lighting for rooms along the outside of your home. Talk to your remodeling contractors in Laguna Beach about installing skylights and tubular daylighting devices to allow even more light to enter your home.

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