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Posted by on Jul 5, 2019 in Recycling |

Learning the Proper Use of Roll Off Containers in Long Island, NY

Learning the Proper Use of Roll Off Containers in Long Island, NY

When residential property owners need to rent Roll Off Containers in Long Island, NY, they must read over the list of prohibited items that the company provides for customers. Those items must be disposed of in some other suitable way. Customers also may want to know whether it’s okay to just toss everything into the container in no particular order.

Prohibited Items

Companies providing Roll Off Containers in Long Island, NY include a variety of things on the prohibited list, usually because those materials are hazardous in some way. For example, the disposal company cannot accept boxes of syringes that someone in the household has used for insulin injections. They cannot accept vehicle batteries, containers of fuel, and pesticides or herbicides. Scrap tires usually are not allowed in these containers because of disposal fees, although some companies will accept them.

If customers of a company like V. Garofalo Carting Inc. are unsure about anything they want to throw away, they can get a friendly response from a representative. Sometimes, there may be uncertainty, but explanations are readily obtained. For instance, most companies will not accept buckets of liquid paint, but they may accept a bucket of paint that is completely dry.

Separate Dumpsters

For most objects, there is no reason to stack them in the dumpster in any particular order. Companies do want their customers to have separate dumpsters for certain types of items, however. Waste material from construction projects is a primary example. One container might only be allowed to have roofing shingles, for instance, and another may hold only broken-up concrete. Other materials, including organic debris like grass clippings, should not be mixed in.

Trash and Recyclables

Most companies now have their workers separate trash from recyclable materials, so customers do not need to do that. Everything can go in at random. However, to be considerate of those workers, it’s important not to include garbage that could get disgusting during the time it sits in the container. Bagged food waste may be acceptable, but it should never be thrown in unwrapped. Also, food waste in a dumpster can attract bugs, rodents, and other animals.