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Posted by on Jan 19, 2021 in Mold Services |

Leading-Edge Wire Harness Manufacture and Supply in Tempe, AZ

Leading-Edge Wire Harness Manufacture and Supply in Tempe, AZ

A producer and supplier of wire and cable assemblies draws on experience and innovative techniques, to create specialized solutions for any application on time and on budget.

21st-Century Design and Engineering

The objective of a modern wire harness supplier is to get companies the parts and volumes they need when they need them. Careful planning and a focus on detail ensure that all processes and functionalities from research, concept, prototype and process-analysis run smoothly.

High Quality and Volume

With advanced automation and equipment, expert assemblers and real-time, cutting-edge statistical control of processes, end-users get what they need: a purpose-built and innovative construction that meets specific needs when it’s needed.

Secondary Processes

Such additional and supporting processes as pad printing, heat staking, sonic welding, laser engraving and ultrasonic welding, which is a very efficient and fast mode of plastic joining that leaves a lasting and durable bond, can ensure that the requirements of any unique assemblies will be met.

Industry applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Government/Defense

An Experienced Industry Leader

An industry-leading wire harness supplier with an outstanding reputation in plastics processing , including dip coating, dip molding , rubber dip molding, plastic injection and rapid prototyping and assembly can provide its end users with ever faster, better and increasingly cost-effective products, processes and services. Integrated assembly capabilities and extensive production capabilities create excellent value for large orders. Contact Molded Devices Inc. at 1-800-852-1472 or online at today.