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Posted by on May 16, 2018 in Home And Garden |

Lawn Pest Control in Boulder CO

Lawn Pest Control in Boulder CO

Any homeowner who hires a professional for lawn care and Pest Control Boulder CO will, at some time, question the necessity of the products and services they receive. Reputable companies will take the time to show customers how important it is that they do their part. In this brief guide, homeowners will learn what to focus on to maximize the value of a professional lawn maintenance program.


The right mowing height for Colorado lawns is approximately 2.5-3 inches during wet or cool weather and 3-3.5″ during the summer. Most commercial mowers are built to cut significantly below these heights, but technicians will adjust the mower’s settings, so the grass is always the right height. A thick, lush lawn provides shading for the soil surface, which prevents the growth of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Maintaining a healthy, dense lawn is the most effective method of weed control.


When technicians follow the proper mowing procedure, recycling or mulching grass clippings is recommended. Leaving the clippings to decompose naturally provides organic nitrogen and other lawn nutrients. During the fall, a slight covering of dried leaves can be mulched and allowed to decompose; this will also add valuable minerals and organic matter to the soil. The only time clippings should be collected is if they’re too thick to be mulched or there’s a problem with Pest Control in Boulder CO.


Grasses are almost 90% water; therefore, they need regular watering by irrigation or from rainfall. A homeowner’s watering schedule should focus on deep, infrequent watering, and it should work within current weather conditions and local watering restrictions. The goal of a good watering program should be to put back what’s not being supplied by rainfall during the hottest, driest parts of summer.


If the lawn is compacted, diseased, or infested by pests, raking may be beneficial to its health. However, the climate, time of year, and equipment used greatly affect the benefits of raking. Right after the snow melts in spring, it’s common to see Colorado homeowners raking lawns to encourage the growth of grass. However, if the grass hasn’t yet emerged from winter dormancy, raking may uproot new growth.

Colorado is a great place to live, but it’s not always a great place to grow a lawn. By following these tips, it becomes easier. Visit website or call Wards Lawn Service to schedule an appointment.