Know When It’s Time for AC Replacement in Fort Myers

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Your air conditioner is your home-based climate control system. This major appliance is responsible for treating air before it’s distributed throughout your home. Over time, normal wear and tear, misuse, faulty design, and other factors can hinder the functionality of your AC system. When your system does not work properly, it may be time for a new AC system. Use the following guidelines to know when it’s time for an AC Replacement in Fort Myers.

Has your air conditioner been breaking down in the last year or so? The progressive need for more AC repairs is a sign indicative of the need for an AC Replacement in Fort Myers. These repairs can get more complicated and expensive as time goes on. Even if your AC system just needs extra maintenance to keep it functional, there is a point where the cost of the maintenance does just justify the continued input of money and time into working on an old AC unit. Some homeowners attempt to patch up their AC units. This can be a waste of the money spent on the patch job, and can actually further damage the unit. Consider getting a new AC unit if you have major repairs more than two times a year.

Various conditions contribute to the inability of an AC unit to consistently maintain desired temperatures. There could be one or more problems that contribute to the unit’s lack of proper function. Since an AC is designed to control the properties of air such as temperature and humidity, this inconsistency will probably get worse as the machine ages. Even if you fix the original problem, too much work on an AC system can compromise its longevity and integrity.

The age of an AC system plays a key role in whether you will replace it. Most air conditioners are not constructed to have a useful life past 10 years. The older an AC unit get, the more its parts will wear and require more energy to function as they once did. This adds to the cost of using the machine.

A homeowner or proper party will have to the final decision whether he wants a new AC unit. However, stalling can result in higher energy bills and more repairs costs.

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