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Posted by on Mar 30, 2021 in Health |

Ketamine Treatments May Help Improve Brain Function

Ketamine Treatments May Help Improve Brain Function

If you are suffering from severe depression, you should feel hopeful knowing there are effective treatments that are available. Ketamine treatment for depression in Chicago is one of the biggest breakthroughs in treating this mental health issue in years. One theory as to why it is an effective treatment for depression is that it prompts connections to regrow brain cells that are related to mood. And it is able to do this more quickly than antidepressant pills.

It is common for ketamine treatment for depression in Chicago to involve six infusions that are scheduled over two or three weeks. Most clients feel noticeable results after one treatment session. The infusions stimulate beneficial brain changes.

If you are interested in ketamine infusion therapy, you will first meet with a medical professional. Your primary care provider may recommend a specialist. If it is decided that this treatment could be beneficial for you, the process infusion is simple. A constant and slow IV drip will be used to administer the ketamine. You may feel some improvement with your depression after just a few hours of the IV treatment.

Ketamine therapy is not viewed as a cure for severe depression, anxiety, or chronic pain. However, it can play a role in improving brain function. It may be paired with talk therapy, family therapy, and other treatments to give you the best results.

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