Keeping Your Teeth Straight After Orthodontic Care in Queens NY

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Dentist

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Investing in braces to create a picture perfect smile is something that is more popular than ever. Parents pay for their children to get braces while they are still growing. Even adults are choosing to correct their crooked teeth. While patients are usually good about caring for their teeth while they are wearing braces, many don’t continue these habits once the braces are removed. After completing Orthodontic Care Queens NY, there are few things every patient needs to do in order to keep their new smile perfectly straight.

Once the braces are removed, your teeth are not yet solidly fused into place. This is why Northern Plaza Dental Care gives every patient a retainer to wear. Initially, patients are asked to wear their retainer constantly for a few months. This allows the teeth time to settle into their new location. Once the go-ahead is given, orthodontists advise their patients to continue wearing their retainer at night. This is the only way to guarantee your teeth don’t shift. Those who know they will forget to wear their retainer every night should ask their dentist about a permanent retainer. Unlike plastic retainers, permanent metal retainers are cemented to the backside of the patient’s teeth, preventing them from ever moving.

Any changes in your mouth may cause your teeth to shift. One of the most common changes occurs when wisdom teeth begin to erupt. For many people, these teeth don’t have enough space to come in without pushing other teeth. Wisdom teeth can also be painful as they emerge. Most Orthodontic Care Queens NY dentists recommend the removal of these teeth before they break through the gum line. This is done through a routine oral surgery. Patients are sedated while the dentist extracts the teeth. Many orthodontists choose to remove wisdom teeth before the patient finishes their braces treatment.

Teeth are in a constant state of movement, and smiles that have been adjusted with braces are even more likely to shift over time. In order to keep your smile perfectly straight after Orthodontic Care Queens NY, remember to wear your retainer on a daily basis. Removing wisdom teeth can also prevent teeth from shifting. Braces are an investment, so be sure to care for your new smile.

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