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Posted by on Dec 29, 2020 in Real Estate |

Is It Time to Sell Your House? Here Are 3 Options to Choose From

Is It Time to Sell Your House? Here Are 3 Options to Choose From

We’re entering an uncertain time in the real estate market. Though home prices continue to increase, some say they have reached their peak. When you also factor in signs of a weak economy, there is potential that home buyers may begin to hold off and see what happens.

Is It Time to Sell?

Some experts believe home sellers may no longer have the upper hand in the near future. So, a decision has to be made. If it’s to sell the home, what options are available? Here are three to choose from.

1. Real Estate Agent

This is the classic way to Sell Home Fast In Denver. Yet, not as many people are going this route. Much of it is due to the fees and commissions paid to the agent that cut into the owner’s profit. Nevertheless, it is the easiest way to go to be as hands-off as possible.

2. A “We Buy Houses” Company

A recent entry in property sales are companies who say things like, “We buy houses direct in the Denver area.” These are real estate investment firms who pay cash without agent fees. While this seems to be the easiest way to sell a home, especially one in disrepair, the owner doesn’t get all the cash. Though these companies state, “We buy houses direct in Denver,” they still perform title searches and pay remaining mortgages before any money goes to the owner.

3. Auction

An auction normally takes place when an owner can’t sell their home through an agent or another method. The pro to this is the potential to get much more than the offer price. The con is many people who come to home auctions do so to get the best deal. Thus, the owner may come out still owing money to lenders or gaining little to no profit.

There are other methods to sell your home or turn it into a rental investment. Research is a must before anything is done.