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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Appliance Repair Service |

Is it Time for Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury, MA?

Is it Time for Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury, MA?

For many people, their dryer is an appliance that is used frequently and relied on quite a bit. As a result, maintenance may be needed from time to time. The fact is, if this maintenance is ignored, it can result in extensive Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA, being necessary. Take some time to get to know the signs that repairs are imminent with the information found here.

Drying Takes Longer than Normal

In many cases, homeowners will notice immediately when the dryer function has started to slip. However, if the clothes are taking longer than normal to dry, there is a good chance that some component of the dryer is no longer working. This needs to be repaired or replaced right away. It should not take any dryer more than 40 minutes to an hour to fully dry a load of laundry. If the dryer is taking longer than this, it may need to be inspected and repaired before a more serious problem occurs.

Excessive Noise Comes from the Dryer

While there is no dryer that is going to be completely silent when being used, if it becomes excessively noisy, there is obviously something going on that needs to be looked at. Chances are loud or new noises will be obvious and when they are recognized, Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA, should be sought.

The Drum Won’t Spin

If the drum in the dryer fails, a homeowner may make the immediate assumption that the dryer has failed, and it needs to be completely replaced. However, this is not always the case. There is a wide array of issues that can cause this, including some that are easy to fix, such as a belt. If the dryer is not running properly or at all, do not make the assumption repair is impossible. Calling a professional will help you make an educated evaluation.

More information about dryer repair and when service is needed can be found by contacting the professional team at Take some time to discuss the issue prior to assuming that a complete replacement is necessary. This will help ensure the right action is taken, and it does not cost too much.