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Posted by Judie langford on Feb 13, 2018 in Insurance

Is Flood Insurance a Waste of Money in California? Get an Insurance Quote in Salinas and Find Out

Is Flood Insurance a Waste of Money in California? Get an Insurance Quote in Salinas and Find Out

The recent waves of hurricanes have not affected California. But California is not immune to threats. Whether it’s a major wave from the Pacific or a potential earthquake, auto insurance coverage is pretty important in California.

What about flood insurance for a vehicle? Some may argue that flood insurance for a car in California is not important. Others may argue the opposite. What’s the real story between these two extremes?

Flood Zone

Whether flood insurance is useful is not up for debate. Of course, it is useful as it can protect from a potential flood scenario. This is even possible in the desert, as mudslides and potential monsoons can pop up out of nowhere.

Flood insurance is certainly useful. But, does it have merit and value? Flood insurance for a vehicle is rather necessary if one lives in a flood zone. This would require someone to review their address in the state database. California and all states and counties offer a database covering high-risk zones. This is becoming quite valuable in the aftermath of Sandy, Irma, Harvey, and more.

Blocked Purchases

Insurance companies may block the purchase of flood insurance if a potential disaster is on its way. Always think ahead of schedule by months in regards to insurance. Do not assume the vehicle is protected. An Insurance Quote in Salinas can start any driver down the right path.

Often times, a comprehensive plan will cover in case of the flood. Inquire with the team member to confirm that damage from floods and other disasters are covered, and to what degree. Visit for a brief overview. Some policies may have a higher deductible in relation to natural acts.

Is flood insurance a waste of money? The answer to that question will depend on the cost. Thankfully, anyone can figure that out rather quickly. A prompt Insurance Quote in Salinas can offer exact price details. The quote can help break down the different cost measures. Flood insurance additions may cost very little. They may even be packaged into other additions or standard rates. Do not hesitate to contact the team for a quick quote and good coverage in California.