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Posted by on Sep 14, 2021 in Medical Supply |

Introducing an Innovative Barrier Kit From a Surgical Supply Company in CA

Introducing an Innovative Barrier Kit From a Surgical Supply Company in CA

New and advanced means of doing everything you do as a surgeon are worth checking out. Take new surgical tools that help control the potential loss of needles in a wound or incision site or barrier kits that allow you to control how quickly and easily you stitch up an incision. You can have that kind of control with a new type of barrier kit. Here’s what you can expect when you purchase these kits from a medical supply company in California.

Ergonomic Control

Not every surgeon can maintain perfect control as he or she ages. While you want to be able to practice your field for as long as you can, having ergonomic surgical tools helps. These barrier kits are designed to prevent some discomfort of the hands and wrist over time while still presenting you with adequate vision and control of your surgical field.

Surgeons Dispense Their Own Needles So OR Technicians Can Begin Clearing the Room

The longest parts of any surgery are the setup and breakdown. OR technicians spend a lot of time making this happen, and it takes even longer if they have to set up the surgical needles and sutures you want. Instead, use these kits and you can quickly and easily dispense your own needles and suture while the techs get started on their breakdown process of the operating room.

For more information or to see these kits in action, contact Sharp Fluidics to see demo videos and ordering information.