Injured After a Sudden Stop? An Auto Accident Lawyer in OKC can Help

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Lawyer

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As a driver, you have a duty to observe road conditions around you, and you have a duty to make movements in a way so as not to endanger others. You also have a duty to warn or signal others of your intentions. The duties of signaling and looking out for others are often set forth in state law, and require care on your part. However, emergencies can occur, requiring you to stop suddenly and keeping you from signaling others. In this article, you will learn more about these accidents and how an Auto Accident Lawyer in OKC can help.


I Had to Stop Suddenly. Can I be Held Liable?

If others are injured because you failed to signal to other drivers, you may be found negligent. Assigning liability in “sudden stop” accidents is often dependent upon the case’s circumstances. Courts usually consider whether the at-fault driver signaled to others, whether an emergency prevented them from stopping, and whether the failure to signal caused the crash. If you have caused or have been involved in such a crash, an Auto Accident Lawyer in OKC can help you in court.

In cases where accidents happen because of congestion ahead, courts usually say that a driver cannot be held responsible for a sudden stop – but that all drivers should anticipate the likelihood of un-signaled and sudden stops. If a stop is made because of a traffic control device, a suddenly-stopping driver is usually not held liable.

Can a Motorist be Held Liable if He/She was not Involved?

A driver who fails to signal and comes to a sudden stop may have liability to other injured parties, even if their vehicle wasn’t involved in the accident. It has been previously found that a stopping motorist was responsible in collisions between following vehicles and those coming from other directions, and in crashes involving pedestrians. A driver who is slowing down or stopping may be liable for injuries to passengers, either as a result of the collision or from impacts sustained inside the vehicle.

I’ve been in a Sudden Stop Accident. Should I Call an Attorney?

If you have been in an accident caused by another motorist’s sudden stop, you should call an Auto Accident Lawyer in OKC as soon as possible. An Auto Accident Lawyer in OKC can help you document your injuries, and he or she can help you make a fair recovery for your damages.

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