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Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Business |

Industrial Powder Coating: A Look At The Two Methods Of Application

Industrial Powder Coating: A Look At The Two Methods Of Application

In the manufacturing sector, it is important to ensure the products you produce are able of meeting specific standards. The government, various associations, the Board of Directors, the shareholders and the consumer set these. At times, it may seem as if it is not possible to satisfy them all. Yet, it is important to do what is essential to make sure the product meets those requirements and expectations. While it may not be the answer to everything, the use of an industrial powder coating is one way to make sure the product meets many public, private, governmental and financial concerns.

What Are Industrial Powder Coatings?

The basic definition of “industrial powder coatings” is anything in a powder form a finishing company uses to cover a wide range of materials to produce a form of protection. While metal is the most common material to which a powder coating may be applied, it can also be used in certain circumstances to coat plastics and ceramics.

Choosing the Method of Application:

The finishing company may utilize one of the two following methods to apply an industrial powder coating:

1. Electrostatic Spraying: An electrostatic powder gun is the applicator tools
2. Fluid Bed: In this process, parts that have been heated may be processed in one of two ways: dipped directly into a container of fluidized powder or handed through a cloud of powder that has been electrically charged

Either method produces positive results for the final product. The preference for one type over another will depend upon several factors including:

 *  Thickness of Coating: The fluid bed method results in a thicker coating. Will this affect the ability of the part to perform its proper function?

 *  Surface Appearance: Some methods produce a smoother appearing surface and smooth over details. If this is not a concern, choose electrostatic spraying

 *  Part Complexity and Geometry: This will influence your choice. In such instances, many industrial powder coatings are best applied electrostatically

 *  Color Changes: These are more difficult with a fluid bed than with electrostatic spraying

 *  Types of Coatings: Both methods can be used for thermoset and thermoplastic coatings

 *  Transfer Efficiency: This favors the fluid bed method

 *  Cost: This point is arguable. Some experts believe the fluid bed to prove less costly in set up and maintenance costs overtime. Others disagree and favor the spraying method.

Be sure to thoroughly research the facts before you decide to opt for one method in favor of the other.

Using an Industrial Powder Coating

Industries employ coatings to satisfy a variety of legal, governmental and client requirements. They understand it will enhance the appearance of a component or unit while increasing its durability, improving its efficiency and enhancing such qualities as corrosion and abrasion resistance. In the end, they choose an industrial powder coating, whether applied through a fluid bed or electrostatic spray gun, because it is one of the best ways to meet all its product obligations to society as a whole effectively, efficiently and fiscally responsibly.