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Posted by on Feb 4, 2020 in Dentist |

Improve the Health of Your Family at Chicago Family Dental Care

Improve the Health of Your Family at Chicago Family Dental Care

Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you need a service like a root canal. However, when you visit Chicago Family Dental Care, you’ll feel more comfortable with your dental visit. You can also the dental team about any concerns you have and get helpful information for caring for your teeth at home. If you need a root canal dentist in Lakeview, count on Chicago Family Dental Care to walk you through each step of the process.

If your dentist recommends that you get a root canal, it’s important to understand the reason for this treatment and what the procedure entails. The main reason for a root canal is to treat damaged tooth pulp. The tooth is made from four parts: the pulp, enamel, dentin and cemetum. The pulp is the inside of the tooth and if the pulp is damaged or has developed an infection, you could be in a lot of pain. Root canals helps to save the pulp by fitting a crown over the damaged pulp.

If the tooth pulp is left untreated, this could lead to several dental issues. It’s best to get a root canal to avoid an abscess. If the pulp remains untreated, the jaw bone could become deteriorated, which could lead to tooth loss. Lost teeth could mean that you’ll need to get partial or full dental implants, which could be costly.

There are a variety of services you can receive from Chicago Family Dental Care, whether you need regular checkups or specialty services. For more information on the best root canal dentist in Lakeview and to make an appointment.