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Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Shopping |

Important Facts about Certified Diamond Earrings

Important Facts about Certified Diamond Earrings

Most people normally refer to their diamond rings as being certified or non-certified. However, this is not a correct term to be used. The rings themselves can never be certified, but the stones used in them are. The term “certified diamond earrings”, for example, means that it is the diamond in it which has a jeweler approved certificate describing its qualities.

The Type of Information a Certified Diamond Contains

A diamond certificate refers to a document which contains the information on the quality characteristics that stone has. The grading laboratory is responsible for evaluating and documenting the characteristics. These certificates normally contain the values and grades of the four most important features a stone has which will in turn affect its price and desirability. The following are the benefits of buying certified diamond earrings:

  • The certificate will provide third party verification to the customer as proof of the quality of the diamond used in that piece of jewelry.
  • Some vendors will at times tell you lots of things which are not real concerning the diamond used. When you have the certificate, you are completely assured of the quality of the stone.
  • When you have a diamond certificate that contains the grades of color and cut of the ring, it is much easier for you to know what you are buying.
  • You can always do a price comparison of the diamond earring to other similar ones and make a much more informed decision. The diamonds certificate will be able to tell you whether the price is a good bargain or you will be overpaying for the earring.
  • An authentic certificate is very important when you want to sell the piece of jewelry in future since most of the potential buyers will always want a proof of the quality of the stone used.

Obtaining the Diamond Certificate

The best way you can get a certificate for your diamond earrings is to send the stones to one of the laboratories which provide this service. It is important to note that the diamonds can only be graded by first being removed from their settings since most of the labs normally accept loose stones. Professional jewelers at a number of locations can safely remove the stone from its setting for you. In fact, you may even be able to find a showroom locally which can certify your stone themselves. If they are experienced in handling a large number of diamonds, it’s very likely they are also approved to do authentic diamond certifications as well.

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