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Posted by on Mar 28, 2022 in Business |

Importance of AED Training in Orange County CA and the Surrounding Area

Importance of AED Training in Orange County CA and the Surrounding Area

More and more people are suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, regardless of their age; because of this, having an AED on-site is very important, as it can improve survival rates tremendously. Below is a closer look at an AED and the various reasons why it is important for AED training in Orange County CA, and the surrounding areas.

What an AED is

An AED stands for automated external defibrillator. It is a small, lightweight device that is used when someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest. It checks the heart’s rhythm and sends a shock to help restore the heart’s normal rhythm. Besides being small and lightweight, the AED is portable, battery-operated, safe, and very easy to use for the average person.

Why it is Important for People to be Trained to Use an AED

When someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest, the atmosphere can be quite stressful and scary for others that have witnessed it. Many people know to call 911 for assistance, but many others will hesitate on what to do while they wait for help. However, with the presence of an AED and the proper training, bystanders will be able to assist the victim and can mean the difference between life and death, because it can be used before emergency medical service personnel arrive.

Using an AED

AED training in Orange County CA is important because it gives people the confidence and knowledge to use it on someone that has suffered cardiac arrest. Defibrillators have written instructions on them that are rather simple to follow. The AED will only deliver a shock if a heartbeat is not detected, lessening the chances of doing more harm to the individual. Workplaces, schools, various buildings, gyms, and many other places now have an AED on-site, ready to be used if needed.

There are many companies that provide AEDs and the training that comes with it. Visit ROI Safety Services to learn more about the many benefits and guidelines of having one on sites, buildings, stores, and many other public places. Having an AED available can help save a person’s life, whether they are younger or older.