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Posted by on Sep 12, 2018 in Lawyers and Law Firms |

How to Tell if a Nursing Home is Abusing Your Elderly Loved One

How to Tell if a Nursing Home is Abusing Your Elderly Loved One

It is beyond frustrating to have to put your elderly parent into a nursing home to begin with, but when you suspect that the nursing home isn’t taking care of your parent the way they should, it is even more frustrating. Nursing home abuse in Sacramento is something that you never want your loved one to have to go through. So, how do you tell if a nursing home is abusing your elderly loved one? Read on below to find out.

Noticeable Emotional or Physical Changes

The first place to look is to your loved one. If they seem to be having trouble getting around more than they did before or seemed depressed and withdrawn when they are usually bubbly and involved in activities, then they could be victims of nursing home abuse in Sacramento area and need help. Most elderly people are too embarrassed and often intimidated to let on that something is wrong. It’s up to you to spot the signs and intervene.

Your Gut Tells You So

One of the main ways to tell that a nursing home is abusing your loved ones is if your gut tells you that something is wrong. Never, ever ignore the feeling in your gut that tells you something just isn’t right. You can look for other signs of abuse as well, but it’s best to get your loved one changed to a nursing home that will treat them better.

These are just a couple of the signs to watch for if you think your elderly loved one might be the victim of nursing home abuse. For more information, contact the professionals at Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law for help and any legal advice to your questions you might need.

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