How to Properly Care for Tin Ceiling Tile in New York, NY

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Tin ceilings are increasing in popularity for numerous reasons. These ceilings offer homeowners the same historic look that dominated early 1900s home decor. Tin ceilings also offer enhanced strength to a home’s structure, increased moisture-resistance, and elevated fire protection. To keep a Tin Ceiling Tile New York NY, in optimal condition, it’s advisable to learn how to properly care for it. The following tips will assist with this ongoing task.

Having a tin ceiling requires relatively little maintenance. However, care should be taken to keep them in optimal condition. Dirt, grime, dust, and cobwebs can accumulate on tin ceilings since many of them have an embossed design. These substances can affect the look and functionality of tin ceiling tiles. Make tin ceiling cleaning a regular part of housework. Once a week, dust a tin ceiling. A dusting wand on a vacuum can be used for this task. Practice safety guidelines when using a ladder to reach a ceiling. Use overlapping strokes to prevent missing areas. Apply enough pressure to remove dust from crevices of the embossment. However, don’t push too hard on the tin ceiling tiles to prevent denting. A long-handled extension brush with a static charge can also be used for this job.

It’s favorable to clean a tin ceiling once a month. First, prepare a cleaning solution of including one gallon of warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bucket. If using a ladder, hang the bucket on the side of the ladder. Submerge a thick sponge in this solution and wring out excess water. Don’t use a scrub pad, as this can scratch the surface of a Tin Ceiling Tile New York NY. It’s easier to do this cleaning in sections. Start at one end of the room. Scrub a few tiles at a time. Use paper towels to dry them off. Move to the next section of tiles until the entire ceiling is done.

By using these tips, a homeowner lengthens the useful life of a tin ceiling. It will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of ceiling tiles. For more information on care of a Tin Ceiling Tile New York NY, please talk to a professional at Abingdon Construction. This company can handle the installation, restoration, and repair of tin ceilings to help homeowners have a ceiling they will love.

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