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Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in Lawyer |

How to get the bail you need after a DUI charge

Whether you were wrongfully charged or not, being stuck behind bars can feel as though your entire life is over. However there is a way out that can help you get the freedom you need. A bail bonds service can provide you with the bail required from you so you don’t have to spend your nights in jail awaiting your court date. If you have been charged with a DUI, bail bonds can help you get out of jail without the worry.

Finding affordable bail bonds services

Bail bonds companies may charge a fee for their services so it is helpful to compare companies to see which one offers the best deal. You can get the DUI bail bonds that you need for a fairly affordable price by shopping around and comparing quotes. If your loved one is behind bars, you will have to review the available companies quickly so as to get them the help they need right away. A DUI is a serious offense and the bail may be higher than for other charges. This is important to keep in mind while doing price comparisons between companies.

Getting the immediate help you need

After being charged with a DUI, your loved one will need to stay behind bars until bail is procured. In the past prior to the proliferation of bail bonds companies, it used to be necessary to ask around to family members and friends in order to come up with enough money for the bail. Thankfully that has changed and even after a serious charge of a DUI, bail bonds are available to provide your family member or friend with the chance to get out of jail. With most bail bonds companies offering 24 hour emergency services, it is possible to be released without an excessive wait time.

Why are bail bonds needed after a DUI?

DUI bail bonds ensure the courts that the defendant will appear for their date in court. They are a way to hold them responsible and liable while making certain that they are accountable for their actions. The bail bonds guarantee that the defendant will make their appearance in court instead of defaulting on their court dates if there were no requirements.

Getting the DUI bail bonds you need is easy when you find the right company to provide the trusted services you need.

Liberty Bail Bonds will deliver the complete and trusted DUI bonds service you can depend on after your DUI charge.