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Posted by on Nov 30, 2021 in Moving Services |

How to Find the Best Cross Country Moving Companies in Tampa

How to Find the Best Cross Country Moving Companies in Tampa

If you are moving across the country, you wouldn’t want inexperienced movers to haul your stuff and damage your belongings in the process. Fortunately, you can avoid that by following a few simple tips and finding the best cross country moving company to assist you.

Licensed and Insured

A professional moving company in the United States is issued a license number by the US Department of Transportation. You can ask a moving company for their USDOT number and then check it on the USDOT database for verification. It is also important for best cross country moving companies in Tampa to be insured, so in case an accident happens during the move, you can get a replacement value of lost and damaged goods.

Experience and Professionalism

A moving company with an office, website, and professional moving trucks is more reliable than a company that only does business through the Internet. The best cross country moving companies in Tampa will also exhibit their professionalism by asking you important questions about the move so they can provide you the best services. You must inquire about their experience to make sure they know everything about cross country moves.

In-Person Inspection

Movers provide people with an estimate after thoroughly inspecting their belongings. So, only go for a cross country moving company that performs an in-person inspection before giving you a quote. If they ask you to provide them with an inventory and offer you a quote on the phone, then that’s definitely a red flag.