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Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Jewelry |

How To Choose Nose Rings And Studs For The Look You Want

Generally there are two common piercings on the nose, those that pierce the nostril and those that pierce the septum. The septum is the harder cartilage that is in the middle of the nose and divides the two nostrils. Both septum and nostril piercings are popular for both men and women but men tend to be most commonly associated with larger gauge septum piercing options. Choosing the right nose rings and studs, as well as septum piercing options, has a lot to do with the look that you want.

Casual and Daily Wear

The most common nose rings and studs for daily wear tend to be moderate to small in size and fit relatively close to the nostrils. These are used for nostril piercings only since they are designed to be displayed on one end only.

Traditional and very popular nose rings and studs are often surgical steel, gold or gold plate and include a small ball, gem or design that is usually just slightly raised off the surface of the nose. This, of course, depends on the size of the ring, particularly if you are choosing a hoop style of nose ring.

Small designs in the form of different shapes, colored gems and patterns add a touch of styles to the classic nose rings and studs. There are also acrylic hoops that are a casual wear piece of body jewelry that is easy to coordinate with any color or style.

Evening Wear

For evening wear gold, rose gold or white gold nose rings and studs are a perfect match. These can be paired with your favorite semi-precious stones or with diamonds to add that touch of dazzle and sparkle. Different styles of nose rings and studs may include a hanging or dangling gem from the stud or hoop for a more elegant look for evening wear.

These styles of nose rings and studs can be very simple or elaborately designs. Having a variety of different styles and options of nose rings for different events and different wardrobes is a great idea. Watch for sales, buy online, and make sure you have at least one diamond in your collection for when you really want to impress.

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