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Posted by on Jul 16, 2019 in Dentist |

How to Care for Your Braces

How to Care for Your Braces

Braces offer a way for you to straighten your teeth and improve your appearance. Since it’s likely that you’ll be wearing your braces for at least a year, you must take good care of them. Here’s how to care for your braces in Palm Coast.

Food can get trapped into your wires and brackets. That’s the reason it’s important to brush your teeth after every meal (or snack). Not only will this remove the food debris, it will keep your breath fresh.

Playing sports can be hazardous to your oral health. This is especially true when you have braces. If you get hit in the mouth, it can cut your lips and cheeks. To prevent injuries from wire cuts, always wear a mouth guard while you’re playing sports.

Flossing can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. You shouldn’t stop flossing your teeth just because you’re wearing braces. Floss your teeth using threaders and interdental brushes.

This tip can be difficult for you if you like crunchy snacks and candies. Foods to avoid include ice, taco shells, potato chips and nuts. It’s okay to eat carrots and apples as long as you cut them into smaller pieces.

Chewy foods can stick to your braces and loosen them (or pull them off). Foods you should avoid in this category include peanut butter, dried fruit, gummy bears and caramel. You should also avoid chewing gum.

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