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Posted by on Jan 8, 2019 in Roller |

How to Buy Paint Brushes and Rollers

How to Buy Paint Brushes and Rollers

There are many things to keep in mind as you choose paint brushes and rollers for any application. Paint brushes are ideal when you need to do a good job getting into the grooves and cracks. Brushes are also best when you need to do detail work, such as painting the edges or in a tight spot where a roller would not work well. However, rollers are best for larger spaces. There are a few things to consider about each of these options.

How to Buy Paint Brushes

If you need to buy paint brushes and rollers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Brushes that have synthetic bristles that are made with materials such as polyester or nylon are best used for applications that include water-based latex paints. They work the best at holding onto this paint. On the other hand, a natural bristle brush will hold onto a lot of paint. These brushes are best, then for oil based paints. It also works well for finish work.

How to Buy Rollers

When considering a roller, think about the nap. The smaller the nap is, the more smooth the paint will be applied. The heavier and denser rollers are best for those that are applying a heavier paint, such as an oil based paint. If the surface is flat, it is best to choose a smaller roller nap because it will provide a better level of paint application.

If you are unsure what type of paint brushes and rollers to purchase, talk to a local provider. You can get some advice about the right tools to use for the specific type of project you have to accomplish. You may find a wide range of options exist for just about any type of surface you have.