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Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Business |

How To Bring More Traffic In With A Trade Show Booth Display

A trade show booth can be an excellent way to help bring more traffic to your store or website and can essentially get you more clients and customers. However, it’s not just about the exhibit day and reeling them in, it is about letting people know you’ll be there ahead of time and doing everything you can to let people know you’re going to be there. The exhibit itself will be exciting, but you want to make people do something about the information they received from you while there.


During tradeshows, it’s important to connect with customers so that you can interact with them and hopefully pull them in as a client. Your display automatically gets people’s attention because it’s there, and it’s interesting, but you can’t leave it at that. You have to work hard to get their contact information, social media information and get them interested in your company.


Showing off your brand name can be exactly what you need to get more customers. Having items available for free to those who visit your display can help them be reminded of you long after the tradeshow. Items can include shirts, hats, pads of paper, pedometers, mouse pads, calendars and anything else you can think of. It helps to think of something that matters to your business.


It’s important that you tell current and potential customers about your tradeshow so that they can come, tell friends, bring friends and get you more business. Post the tradeshow information on your social media pages, on your website and in stores so that everyone can see what you’re doing and when.


While at the event, it is imperative to network with others in your field. While you are competing with them for new business, networking can lead to collaborations and partnerships, allowing you to reach even more people than before.


Make sure to have videos and pictures of the event, because you can use them later. In most cases, tradeshows offer guest speakers, special events, and even industry leader speeches, which can be captured on video and through film. You can then post these pictures on social media pages and on your website to help increase your business’s credibility and offer your company a human element to the Internet world.