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Posted by Judie langford on Aug 11, 2015 in Cremation

How To Acquire Low Cost Burial Service In Punta Gorda, FL

How To Acquire Low Cost Burial Service In Punta Gorda, FL

Florida families abide by the wishes of their deceased loved one when planned a funeral. However, in some instances, the family could face financial difficulty when paying for these requirements. This is why some families choose cremation as a Low Cost Burial Service in Punta Gorda FL.

Using Burial Policies

The first step is to evaluate their burial policy. A burial policy offers the full cost of burying the loved one. However, the insurer identifies the value of the policy according to its face value at the time it begins. Unfortunately, the value at the time of the policyholder’s death depends on the terms. The family contacts their insurer to determine the full value.

Most burial policies pay for opening and closing the burial plot. Some of these policies cover the cost of a standard casket. They cover the cost of the funeral services.

The life insurance policy pays the value designated by the insurer. The policyholder pays a premium each month to secure these benefits. The designated beneficiary receives this value after the policyholder’s death. When possible, the family utilizes these benefits to cover the full cost of the funeral.

Was the Deceased in the Military?

Members of the armed forces receive burial benefits with an honorable discharge. All active-duty service men and women have these benefits. The family contacts their branch of the military to acquire details about these benefits. They pay the full price of any burial type chosen by the family.

Cremation Costs Less

Cremation is a more affordable option. By choosing cremation, the benefits pay for this service plus a memorial service. The family has the choice to utilize the services of a funeral director or to host their own memorial service off-site.

Florida families seek low-cost funeral services when they have serious financial restraints. Several policies cover funeral expenses including burial and life insurance. In their time of need, funeral directors help families to acquire the benefits provided by these policies. These directors help these families to find Low Cost Burial Service in Punta Gorda FL today. For more information about more affordable burial opportunities, visit or their Facebook page now.