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Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Business |

How do You Know You’re a True Coffee Connoisseur?

How do You Know You’re a True Coffee Connoisseur?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet and coffee lovers would argue that it’s the most essential. A vast majority of people start every day with a cup of coffee. It’s a social drink; it’s something that gives you a lift. It’s something that you look to in order to sit back and relax. It’s something you grab when you’re on the go. How do you know if you’re a true coffee connoisseur?

You Know Your Robusta from Your Arabica

Some people like strong coffee. Some people prefer weaker coffee. Some prefer Hawaiian Kona coffee. Others like Colombian best. Some of the most discerning connoisseurs of coffee even drink Indonesian prized kopi luwak coffee, a highly prized option that consists of coffee consumed and defecated by the Asian Palm Civet, an animal who loves to eat coffee beans and when those beans are digested the result is kopi luwak coffee. Like any other coffee, though, there is decent kopi luwak coffee and then there are lesser quality options as well, so discerning kopi luwak lovers don’t buy just any old option, either.

You Spend Money on Good Coffee and Equipment

Some people drink instant coffee or whatever is available. They aren’t fussy. Coffee connoisseurs don’t buy what’s on sale, they know what they want. They probably also have more than one coffee maker and that’s more than just a typical discount drip coffee maker. They invest in their coffee experience and they aren’t afraid to spend a little bit extra on it because when they sit down with a cup of coffee they are expecting a certain experience. The aroma, the taste, experience of that cup of coffee.

Note: just because you are willing to spend money on good coffee doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best priced coffee in the category of coffee you prefer. If you like good kopi luwak coffee, there are a variety of Columbian, kona, and kopi luwak options out there at varying price points and it could be good to try a few options to see if more moderately priced varieties are good.

You are Willing and Even Eager to Try New Coffee

Beyond getting excited at the scent of freshly roasted coffee or freshly ground beans, you’re also willing to try new coffee types. You might be interested in buying new coffee online.

Luwak Star offers a great selection of quality Kopi Luwak Coffee online. Contact us for more information on Kopi Luwak Coffee.

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